Kasey + BJ | The Love Story

I am so blessed to have Kasey and BJ in my life, and was so honored when they asked me to shoot their big day. The wedding was simple and sweet. They decided they wanted it to be small, and actually had it in Kasey's house.. With all of the furniture moved out Kasey transformed her house into the perfect small wedding venue! It was such a beautiful day and I was blessed to be a part. 

Kasey and BJ's romance began to transpire in June of 2009. They were both serving in the same ministry and had mutual friends but had only seen each other from afar. From Kaseys end, "I can say it was impossible for me not to be drawn to him from the first time I saw him", and BJ's "Without doubt she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!"....They're in love to say the least :)

BJ "did what any man trying to get a girl's attention would have done", and sent the facebook friend request. Bold move. But that little friendship sparked their official meeting at a prayer meeting. Their friendship quickly began to grow...They felt like they had known each other their whole lives and could talk about anything together.

"Our first "date" was not traditional, and was not meant to be a date at all. He was doing some contracting work on the patio at my house, and before we knew it, we were sharing the testimony of what God had done in our lives with each other. We had similar stories of rescue, redemption, and hope. Crazy as it sounds, that was the night we realized that we would be a part of each others life forever:) As our relationship grew over the next year, God's plan for us became more and more clear."- Kasey 

On October 14th, 2010 BJ took Kasey to a nice restaurant and out for coffee after. She wrote "every time we get together, I have a blast. That night though... it was just different. I can't tell you the level of emotion I was feeling. The whole night all I could think of is 'I didn't know love like this really existed'. I was overwhelmed." So they ended the night near the house BJ grew up in. It was COLD... and before she knew it BJ was down on one knee with "the sweetest words and the most beautiful ring I have ever seen". So of course she said yes! 

" December 11, 2010 we made the decision to love each other no matter what.....in good times and bad, til death.  It was really the most peaceful, relaxed, joyful day of my life....just the way weddings should be. God was with us, and it was evident.  Our marriage, our relationship obviously means the world to us. It signifies the love of the ONE that rescued us. He gave us unconditional love and he gave us a second chance. Marriage is not an obligation.....it is opportunity to love and serve someone, even when it's hard. It's an opportunity to love someone the way Christ has loved us and GIVEN himself for us.. We hope and pray that our marriage will exemplify this type of love, not only to each other, but to the world around us:)"


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Elizabeth, these are beautiful! You did a great job. :)

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What a beautiful story!!!!

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