About Me

A romantic at heart, I love all things simple and pink.  Whether its a great movie on a rainy day, enjoying a hot peppermint mocha, flipping through a good magazine, or dreaming with the most recent Anthropologie catalog, its the little things that bring me joy.  Living life and loving the people around me is how I live my everyday life. 

Photography is not just a business. It’s not just looking through a lens.  With a heart to capture your story, I long to capture your life where you are, with each image a chance you tell a story, your story. 

During your photo session, you can expect for me to not “pose you” all day... sure we'll get to that, but I love seeing you be YOU. I wanted to capture your real emotions, real tears, real laughs, real smiles. So I may ask you to do some crazy things.  Simply put, we will have fun.

I don't strive to get pictures of what you look like; I strive to get pictures of WHO YOU ARE! So whether you are a family expecting a little blessing, a couple starting your lives together, or you just want to shine, I would be honored to capture your story.