Vanessa+Ivan | engaged | January 2011

Vanessa and Ivan are such a special couple. Vanessa grew up in Brazil, and moved to the United States to be apart of the TwentyFourSeven internship at Church of the Highlands a couple years ago. It just so happens that Ivan came a year later, to start a first year. So after a year of focusing solely on the Lord, Ivan started pursing Vanessa. A year or two later here they are!

We bore the cold today and took a couple engagement shots... Because of them both living in different states, we'll have our official engagement shoot a week before the wedding :)

I'm thrilled to have the honor of shooting their wedding in April!

Here's a sneak peak:

...and of course we had to do some with the Brazilian shirt and American Flag!! Love it!

Vanessa and Ivan I loved hanging out and can't wait for the wedding!



Ole Miss Mom said...

Gorgeous...of course! And a cute story too! Love all the pics!

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